What Is Blue Tack All About

Our name derives from the intersection of strategy and execution, or the blueprint and tactical plan – Blue Tack.

Blue Tack Consulting’s mission is to create strategies and tactical solutions that advance Medicaid maturity. Blue Tack contracts exclusively with the Medicaid vendor market, to fill gaps in expertise created by growth that outpaces bench strength, conflicting priorities or the need to define and refine strategic direction. We help companies understand and implement MITA principles and use it as a competitive accelerator.

What Drives Us

Millions of dollars are spent on outdated, customized technology and services to administer Medicaid. This helps make Medicaid administration immature when compared to its commercial counterparts. Immaturity means that State Medicaid Agencies do not take advantage of industry standards, best practice business processes and modern technology to enable effective administration. And most important, states do not harness the power of information to drive health outcomes. The return on investment is just not there.

Blue Tack is driven to help change the return on investment for Medicaid administrative dollars. 

The commercial market serving State Medicaid Agencies is critical to advancing maturity as states rely on vendors to provide business process, technology and information services. These companies often do not have enough people dedicated to MITA and need specialized assistance from an independent consultancy. Blue Tack’s objective is to fill this gap with expert strategists and practitioners.

The intersection of strategy and execution. Blue Tack Consulting. Your Medicaid experts.

The Blue Tack Leadership Team

A phone is shown in the middle of a black circle.

Lorrie Scardino

Lorrie Scardino has spent her career in IT services, beginning in health insurance operations and Title XIX program administration. When she started, technology was just starting to make a dent in how programs were administered. States defined Medicaid by how many claims they received and how fast they processed them. Fast forward to 2021, States define Medicaid in many layers, from expansion to health outcomes to pandemic response and everything in between. Medicaid has evolved several times over and in many ways, tracks with the evolution of the IT services industry as a whole. In many other ways, Medicaid runs its own course. Lorrie has been involved in both worlds and understands where there are opportunities for leverage and where uniqueness needs to prevail.

Biography and Experience

Lorrie is the Managing Director of Blue Tack Consulting. She started the company in August 2014 and launched operations in January 2015. With seven years in business , she has achieved the business goals of the company and is on target to continue the year-over-year expansion that Blue Tack has achieved.

Before starting Blue Tack, Lorrie was a Gartner Research Vice President, one of her favorite experiences. She covered IT Services and Outsourcing at a time when “contracting out” for services was exploding. She advised clients around the world and in every industry sector. Lorrie followed IT services vendors in North and South America, Western Europe, India and South Africa. She was twice Gartner Research Writer of the Year and created several Gartner products for consumers of IT services. Before Gartner, Lorrie worked at CSC (now part of General Dynamics IT and DXC Technologies), which primed her for her success in Research and Advisory services. She learned IT services from every angle. She held positions that include Data Center Director, Systems Integration Director, BPR Principal Consultant, Business Development Director, Capture Manager, Provider Services Director and MMIS Operations Manager.

One of the hallmarks of Lorrie’s career is her love of research and her ability to apply trends and directions to tackle the challenges of the day. Her work with clients and generally, in the MES market bear out her capabilities. Lorrie likes to get involved and the market is better for that involvement. She was elected to Chair of the MES Private Sector Technology Group for the 2018 – 2019 term and has served as Immediate Past Chair for 2020 – 2021. The strides made by the PSTG during her tenure are many and varied. With that term coming to a close at the end of 2021, she is planning her next move for contributing to the market.

A phone is shown in the middle of a black circle.

Maribeth Fargnoli

Maribeth is Blue Tack’s Sales Director, responsible for acquiring new clients, recruiting talent and managing client and consultant relationships. She has been with the company from day one and has increased sales year over year. In Blue Tack’s first seven years, Maribeth has sold into more than 45 MES vendor clients. She has also developed a team of top-notch resources that are called back engagement after engagement. She prides herself on the value Blue Tack brings to its clients, whether it’s a single resource or a team of consultants. Maribeth is resourceful and determined to find the best fit for each engagement and not happy until our clients and consultants are in a win-win relationship.

Biography and Experience

Maribeth’s keen understanding of her clients’ needs has enabled her to succeed in a several industries. She came to Blue Tack by way of her tenure as an Elder Advocate, in Oracle sales excellence and decades long friendship with Blue Tack’s founder, Lorrie Scardino. Lorrie admired her dedicated service to elders and ability to navigate the complexities of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Prior, she witnessed Maribeth’s stellar performance at Oracle selling and delivering retail computing systems. Lorrie thought Maribeth had the perfect combination of sales acumen and constituent empathy to connect in a meaningful way with the Medicaid community.

Blue Tack’s business is dependent on having the best people in the industry and clients who need the best. Maribeth gets that and is a relationship-builder. Among her achievements at Blue Tack, she is the first call clients make when they have a resource need. She has built a trusted bench of consultants that clients seek for one opportunity to the next. Her focus on value-added relationships that balance the needs of our clients with the talents of our consultants have enabled Blue Tack’s consistent and sustained growth.