The Medicaid market is transforming. Where State Medicaid Agencies bought technical excellence in the past, today they seek business results – better program outcomes and value for the money. We help our customers build business value into their solutions and chart a path for delivering meaningful business results.

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Blue Tack’s proposal resources are expert in Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES), all MES Modules, Systems Integration, Implementation, Maintenance and Operations, CMS Certification and everything in between. We specialize in proposal content that is 100% compliant with RFP requirements and differentiated from the competition.

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Blue Tack’s resources have experience across a wide range of disciplines, including MES Modular Implementations, Maintenance and Operations (M&O), Project Management Office (PMO) and Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V). We can fill virtually any need you have for specialized staff.

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The Blue Tack Roadmap to Success

We will help you plot a course to take you from where you are today to where you need to be to succeed and thrive. Our services are designed to work seamlessly together; you can take advantage of one or all of them, depending on your unique needs.

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A phone is shown in the middle of a black circle.Every company is different with unique challenges. We can create a plan detailing your particular path to success. Contract with Blue Tack for Strategic Consulting services and we will help you assess where you currently are versus where you need to be.

A phone is shown in the middle of a black circle.The Medicaid market is extremely complex and competition is fierce. In order to thrive, you need to be able to navigate the complexities and use them to your advantage, to differentiate you from the competition. We offer Proposal Support services to help you do just that. Our consultants are expert in understanding what states are asking and figuring out how to position your offering.

A phone is shown in the middle of a black circle.Fill your staffing gaps with field experts that hit the ground running. No downtime and no learning curve. Build or complete your team with Blue Tack Staff Augmentation services.

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Our services will help you successfully navigate the Medicaid market, get maximum Return on Investment and grow your business with a clear path and the staff you need!

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The People and Services You Need

Health care is in a people-centric industry and we are a people-centric company. The relationships we build with our customers and consultants are what we value most, what we endeavor to strengthen and leverage every day. With Blue Tack, you will get a company that cares about your needs and delivers the people and services that meet your needs 100% of the time. We attract some of the best talent in the industry, people who see that Blue Tack does things differently, people who share our values. Together we put client success top of mind and deliver the people-centric services you need.

What Makes Us Different

Blue Tack Consulting delivers specialized services to Medicaid vendors, primarily in the Health and Human Services (HHS) and MES markets. We are one of the few, if not the only, company that delivers exclusively to vendors. Our mission is clear. We work with you to help you excel with your government clients.

Medicaid is the single biggest expenditure in most state budgets yet much of it runs on antiquated technology and obsolete business processes. Blue Tack’s mission is to help bring Medicaid business services and technology solutions into the 21st century, on par with other people-centric industries.
Blue Tack aspires to be the first and last stop for Medicaid vendors when they need help with their business strategy, proposal support and specialized people for their client-facing projects.
Blue Tack’s solutions closely follow the developments in the Medicaid market. We lead with timely solutions that mirror market trends, industry best practices and CMS and state directions.